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True Stories From Iten

Kabon was one of the last people to still worship the sun. In the early 1950s when she was already old and infirm, and blinded by cataracts, she laughed all efforts of proselytizing her to the Christian faith by pointing[...]

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True Stories from Iten

On the road, passing through Embu, two of my relatives, both in their late sixties, are talking animatedly. One, a lady, points out at an obscure building. She says: “I was here in 1969. That was our college where we[...]

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I remember being so shy in primary school, right from class one to class eight, being unable to say ‘present sir’ in class and being too intimidated to play with my classmates who ran themselves thin on Mindililwo primary school’s[...]

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The Curse of the Perpetually Grey Cats

As soon as I could pray the rosary, I asked God for a cat. While announcing the First Mystery, I silently asked God that I wanted a ginger or marmalade-colored one. You see we had many cats at our farm[...]

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Secrets of the Fatima

This is Kerio valley as seen from Koibarak. When I was about eight, the stretch of trees and shrubs were thicker. I would often see teams of Colobus monkeys leaping through the canopy with effortless grace and would be reminded[...]

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The Nandi Bear

In the 19th century, the Keiyo and Marakwet lived in the cliffs of the second Rift Valley escarpment, tending over irrigation furrows left to them by the Sirikwa who vanished mysteriously. Back then, there was a belt of forest that[...]

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